That way lies madness

This came in the mail less than 24 hours ago. I've already gone through it, made lists of ideas, and generally lost my damn mind.

I was wandering through the aisles of the craft store last week when I suddenly had the realization that perhaps I need my friends to stage an intervention.

How else to break the habit that had me in search of fake snow, certain kinds of holiday adornments, and the need to buy refills for my glue gun?

Because YES, the holidays are bearing down on us like a tank.

And YES, I feel the need to CREATE.

And YES, my craft table currently looks like some sort of holiday explosion has occurred.

To wit:

There aren't just paints and brushes in this bin; there are brushes for specific types of painting and paints in specialty colors.

Because who doesn't take the time to carefully paint white lines to create a teeny faux log cabin for gnomes? Also? I feel like I'm never going to get all the glitter and fake snow cleaned up out of my house.

A forest of trees in varying stages of being be-glittered, be-sparkled, and be-Christmased.

And, because a friend has asked, here’s a photo of something related I’ve been working on:

Doesn't every fake holiday village need a blinged-out Airstream?

So yeah, my Putz village is growing and expanding this year. (Here’s how it looked last year. I can make it SO MUCH MORE.)

I knew I was probably in trouble when I found myself googling photos to see how I could inject the most realism into my fantasy holiday village. What would be the appropriate colors for a fire station? Should I put together a teeny fire truck with a Dalmatian in the back and a wreath on the grill?

That was followed by the making of lists of supplies needed to create a teeny town square, a teeny Christmas tree lot, a teeny mountain with teeny skiers, and so many other teeny tiny scenes. I can fill Jenworld with a massive teeny village. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

It’s not like I don’t have things to do. Yet, I find myself focusing on tiny details that no one is going to notice or care about. Oy.

So, who’s going to organize an intervention and pry the glue gun out of my hand? Alternately, who’s going to join me in the madness?

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18 Responses to That way lies madness

  1. Cassi says:

    Not me. I’m just going to enjoy looking at your creations -I love that trailer and those trees!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Me! At a coffee shop. Step away from the glue gun.

  3. It’s probably good that we live on opposite sides of the country because I’d be over at your house EVERY DAY burning myself with a glue gun just to have teeny tiny details on miniature things that no one else would notice. Oh, and, YES you need a firetruck with a Dalmatian and a wreath on the grill. Obviously.

  4. Jane says:

    This is ok. But if you start with the elf on a shelf madness… We need to talk.

  5. professorj says:

    That airstream is adorable!

  6. Lisa says:

    Love the Airstream. But I have to say when you said “wandering the aisles at the craft store” I began to question your sanity.
    Get the wreath for the grill.
    Go big or go home.

  7. badnessjones says:

    I love the teeny tiny details - and trust me, the right people will notice, and you’ll make them smile ;)

  8. Lori H says:

    So cute! I am rarely crafty but will enjoy seeing your masterpieces!

  9. I love those teeny tiny trees. In fact, I am liking that the whole project includes the words ‘teeny tiny’ which contrasts nicely with a giant heavy Christmasy item I recently received.

    But I have so many questions. I can’t see the gnomes in the teeny tiny log cabin. But is that a teeny tiny diner next to the log cabin? Is that a not-so-teeny-tiny plastic hot dog behind the teeny tiny Airstream? In the display, is the teeny tiny Airstream going to be parked near the log cabin? Is the Airstream inhabited by gnomes?

    I think you totally should go for the firetruck with accessories.

    • Jen says:

      There are four gnomes in front of the log cabin. It’s a crappy photo, so I’ll take another one that’s more clear.

      The pink think to the left behind the Airstream is actually the handle of my wire cutters. Because, yes, I have needed wire cutters.

      I have not yet decided where the Airstream will be parked. I assume that inspiration will strike as I’m laying out the village. It always does.

      Oh wait, it just hit me: I need a teeny tiny campground, right?

      I’m not sure who lives in the Airstream.

  10. Patience says:

    I like the airstream!

  11. Jenny says:

    I like it all.

  12. bdaiss says:

    I’ll be joining you in crafty insanity. Although I’m afraid teeny tiny is never what nabs me. I tend to be more of the go-big-or-go-home type.

  13. I love how you think! Thank you for those pictures, especially the picture of the Airstream trailer. ♥
    I’d join you if I lived nearby so I am most definitely not staging an intervention.

  14. Sarah says:

    Jen- the Airstream totally rocks! I think I have a strand battery operated mini lights if you want to decorate the Airstream. The batter pack could fit underneath the Airstream. If you want it let me know and I can drop it in the mail! Can’t wait to see the Putz village! Love them! :)

  15. I. Love. It. Can I miniaturize myself and move into that darling Airstream? I won’t eat anything but table scraps, I promise!

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