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Chocomania: Easy to find, easier to eat

Part of an occasional series about chocolate… Oh my holy heck y’all, has it really been FIVE MONTHS since my last Chocomania post? Of course, it was Parisian chocolate, so that was a difficult act to follow… Still, I have … Continue reading

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Chocomania: Maintaining a social conscience (+ a review)

My original plan for this post had been to tell you about some random different chocolates I’ve tried recently, but as I was writing, I discovered something that  had me almost foaming at the mouth in anger and general pissiness … Continue reading

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Chocomania: Candy with moxie

Last week I talked about World Market’s house brand chocolates.  This week, let’s take a look at Choxie, which is Target’s in-store chocolate line.  The first thing I always notice about Choxie candies is their packaging.  They come in fun, … Continue reading

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Chocomania: Chocolate + Caramel = Heaven

One of the flavor combinations that bring me to my knees in joy is chocolate and caramel.  That right there is pure bliss for my taste buds. There are plenty of cheap versions of chocolate with caramel, but I am … Continue reading

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Graceful and Elegant try out some new chocolate

MomCentral recently asked a bunch of bloggers to review Ghirardelli’s new Luxe Milk Chocolate.  Anyone want to guess how quickly I responded to the email and said “YES!  YES!  I’d LOVE to review this product!”? Then, not long after I … Continue reading

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