Every now and again, I’ll be flipping through a magazine or looking at an article online and I’ll see a photo like one of these:

Or, perhaps it’s not a stack of Hermes boxes. Perhaps, it’s more subtle.

Because who doesn’t have a closet full of Hermes or scads o’ Tiffany baubles and the accompanying boxes?

Here in Jenworld, we too are classy and display our boxes:

This year’s holiday gifts brought to you (literally) by the Big Brown Truck of Joy.

Tell me honestly: Would / do you display your Hermes and Tiffany boxes for all the world to see?


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11 Responses to Boxes

  1. Jane says:

    I would have to own something from one of those places first!

  2. the "other" Alison in Ottawa says:

    So pretentious….and what a waste of a nice shower space in the first one!

  3. ~annie says:

    Ha! The fanciest boxes I have are from Converse and Bass shoes. They have a nice flip-top.

  4. My boxes are full of beads and fabric… and things I’ve forgotten that I’ve already purchased because I did a stash-n-dash… and paperwork from 1997 that horrifies me when I open the box (so I close it and push it away).

    Um, what was the question? ;)

  5. Smalltown Me says:

    I guess I don’t flip through those kinds of magazines! I love your brown tower! It’s already tree shaped!

  6. Becky says:

    Thanks to a funky layout and no where else to store them, visitors to our apartment when we first married were greeted by a stack of Tiffany’s boxes on the steps to nowhere facing our front door. Once we bought our house and had proper storage for those items, that was no longer the case.
    But yes, I once had a stack of Tiffany blue boxes greeting visitors.

  7. Cassi says:

    I can’t say I recognize boxes, unless the name of the business is nice and big. We have mostly Amazon boxes, and we used lots of them for baby-proofing when Emma was young. We’re been trying to get out of the habit of storing things away in boxes for years now, but somehow those Amazon boxes are still scattered around. :-)

  8. bdaiss says:

    If someone would gift me a few, I’d proudly display the boxes. However, not owning any Hermes or Tiffany, I’m afraid the only boxes folks see in my house are Rubermaid ones full of Legos.

    (Closest I’ve ever come to Tiffany: a pair of earrings a dear friend lent me for my wedding. I was terrified I’d lose one the entire time.)

  9. Aunt Snow says:

    I think probably boxes are the only things from Hermes I could afford!

  10. Oh my! I have a stack of boxes of all kinds in our garage waiting for the next school paper drive…I WOULD save a stack of old cigar boxes, though. The wooden kind. I’d stack them in my living room.

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