Jenworld at Christmas, 2013 version

This is our fifth Christmas in new mod Jenworld and every year, I tweak things a bit. This year, I actually simplified and streamlined things a little — not so many tchotchkes around the house and no lights outside.

Walk with me, won’t you?

Because our front door is a vivid blue, I'm very picky about the colors I use on wreaths, including no reds. I just prefer icy silvers and whites.

Snow falling in the foyer. This area is not normally so tidy.

My wee woolen gnomes are hanging out in a little tree on the kitchen counter this year.

Putz houses in their usual spot on the back of the dining bench. Do you like how I used cleaning rags (made from old t-shirts) to create the snowy base? Klassy.

Our new fake tree. It doesn't need watering. It doesn't drop needles. It doesn't make me break out in hives. I lurve it.

The stockings were hung by the bookcase with care...

This glorious silver tinsel tree is new here as of two days ago. Next year, I might be classy and use white lights, but this year ... not so much. And as you can see, I just threw the lights on the tree in an attempt to have it ready before the girls got home from school. Most of the ornaments belonged to my grandparents.

Okay, so maybe three trees isn’t simplified and streamlined — especially when you take into account the fact that the girls each have a wee tree with their own ornament collections in their respective rooms, which makes for five trees in Jenworld — but overall, there’s less Christmas going on around the house than usual.

So that’s what Christmas looks like here. Thanks for stopping by for a tour.

(Here are the links for past years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.)
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20 Responses to Jenworld at Christmas, 2013 version

  1. blackbird says:

    Oooh, that blue door!
    That silvery tree!

  2. Michele P says:

    Looks beautiful! Love the silver tree! I went way minimalist this year, inside and out. I still have the live (huge ass) tree but everything else is scaled back. Merry Christmas!

  3. Wonderful! That is such a perfect spot for all the tiny houses. Your nutcracker collection is impressive. Merry Christmas!

  4. Patience says:

    I love a silvery palette for Christmas! Your tinsel tree looks great!

  5. So glad you got the silver tree. I LOVE your blue door too! Maybe next year I can get my act together for the homes tour….such a great idea!

  6. ~zandra~ says:

    I adore the gnome tree!! We have 5 trees too but I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

  7. jen_alluisi says:

    Yesssssssssssss!!! The fake tree looks beautimous, and I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve the silver tree!!!

    I am living Christmas vicariously through you and the tour since I didn’t drag out the big tree this year because of the toddler. And I am prepared to not drag it out next year either. We have more room - no furniture rearranged, just a tabletop tree on top of the TV cabinet, a wreath on the door, stockings by the ACTUAL REAL FIREPLACE we now have, and a nativity on the buffet - but I do miss the the soft glow of the tree late at night.

  8. It’s so gnomey! Homey! And your tinsel tree-I am a little jealous.

  9. Rae says:

    So beautiful! I’m so impressed by all that work!

  10. Smalltown Me says:

    It looks great! And no hives! Whoo-hoo. I particularly covet the Putz houses.

  11. Cassi says:

    I think both trees look great, and I love the snowflakes in the foyer. :-)

  12. Mrs. G says:

    I’m so glad you got the tinsel tree! Your house looks wonderful. It was great of you to put this together. It’s nice seeing everyone’s festive homes.

  13. Lori H says:

    There’s no place like gnome…lol. Love that silver tree!

  14. Julie says:

    I am just so glad you did this this year! love the holiday homes tour….I adore the silver tinsel tree…I have seen a few about, since you mentioned this on fb…and I am drawn to them. Maybe next year? Because….I outdid you ALL!!! You can’t get more minimalist than me..nope, I did nada! Empty nest decorations…lol. But I do enjoy looking at everyone else’s endeavors. Your fake tree looks…real. Swear. Oh, and just this afternoon? I saw a purple tinsel tree. With lavender lights. Wish I’d snapped a photo or 2…it was beautiful! I almost was tempted to look at the price tag. Almost!

  15. Putz houses ♥
    Blue door, silver & white decor ♥
    New silver tree with colored lights and vintage ornaments ♥

    Hosting the Holiday Homes Tour yet again ♥♥

  16. Love, love the tinsel tree - on my wish list for future decor. The gnomes on the kitchen tree are a great touch, too.

  17. Kris says:

    I like your map. And your Nutcracker bookshelf. My mom gave me all her Nutcrackers this year and I had no idea what to do with them so I left them in the box :P

    Yep. I just wholeheartedly approve of mod Jenworld. On so many levels, including the Christmasy ones.

  18. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    My favorite things are the foyer and your Canadian Mountie Nutcracker!

    I went totally minimal this year. Just our usual lights on the screen porch and one tree in the dining room.

  19. It looks beautifully festive to me. Would you believe I missed the whole Holiday Home Tour thing completely. You KNOW I was busy!

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