Bali: Mountains

Have I mentioned yet that Bali has mountains? Specifically, volcanic mountains.

Gunung Agung as seen from the beach near our rented cottage.

Gunung Agung (Mount Batur) is the tallest and located on the eastern side of the island. It last erupted in 1963-64 and is still considered active. We didn’t drive to that part of the island, but if we had, we could have seen fresh lava flows on the eastern flank going all the way down to the sea.

We were able to explore Gunung Batur (Mount Batur) a bit, though, and it was just lovely. Mount Batur is an active volcano located beside a large lake and the whole shebang is located inside a huge caldera.

We visited the village of Kintamani, which is on the western edge of the caldera and offers stunning views.

Mt. Batur, with Lake Batur to the right. Parts of the edges of the caldera are visible.

A closer view of Gunung Batur. Lava flows from the 1968 eruption are visible in the foreground.

Lake Batur, which is the source of a lot of the local fish.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in my posts is that Bali isn’t all that far from the equator, so the weather is the same all year. Down in the lowlands, highs were in the 80s/low 90s, with jungle-like humidity. Up in the mountains, however, things were delightfully cool and crisp. Given that we had spent the earlier part of the day wringing wet while exploring temples, you can imagine how happy we were to spend some time at a higher elevation.

Why yes, we did eat a wonderful meal while gazing upon those glorious views.


Part of the village of Kintamani, which is built along the top of the caldera.

Kintamani itself wasn’t overly noteworthy. Lovely, yes, but completely over-run with merchants trying to sell, sell, sell, which made it hard to just walk around and appreciate the town. That was actually a problem most places we went, with people harassing us to buy, buy, buy. We learned to just tune them out, but it was a constant process.

Grace looking at sarongs at a market next to a temple.

So that’s the mountains. Would you all be interested in a post on the house we rented and/or Balinese homes?

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7 Responses to Bali: Mountains

  1. Lacey Bean says:

    I’d love to hear about the homes/your cottage! :)

  2. bdaiss says:


    What a spectacular country…it has just about everything (nature wise), doesn’t it?

  3. Julie says:

    yes! I am always up for particulars on getting a place to stay on vacations…not that I go anywhere, but my mind usually pretends that “one day” I will be!

  4. the "other" Alison in Ottawa says:

    Yes please!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Yes please!!

  6. Yes! I was hoping you would have a post about your cottage and the houses you saw. I’m always amazed that people would build so close to a volcano, but I’m one to talk — I lived in Seattle.

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