Cuter than cute.

With it being October and the weather having taken a definite turn for the chilly, my thoughts have turned to tartan.

Who are we kidding? Do my thoughts ever leave tartan? No, not really. I adore those brightly-colored patterns so much that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

What can I say? I love the stuff. Give me a nice wool Royal Stewart or Black Watch any day. Santa Claus, please, pretty please, slip some MacDonald Modern under the tree for me.

And kilts?! Can we please talk about men in kilts? Lest you think I kidding — and perhaps you haven’t been paying attention for the past couple of weeks — let your eyes travel up to the top of this blog. That’s what I’m talking about. His lordship should be paying attention, is all I’m saying.

Imagine that this is where I would have posted a photo of men wearing kilts, except that I would never, ever objectify males in that way.


Instead, I’ll share this adorableness:

I’m pretty sure that every woman looking at this just dropped an egg, regardless of age. Possibly some men too.

So on that utterly adorable note, let’s end this post and get to the comments. Tell me what you think about tartans, if you wear them, which ones are your favorites, and so forth.

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12 Responses to Tartan

  1. Lisa says:

    Like black shoes, I’ve never met at tartan I didn’t like! Heard a TV person say that “plaid was such a great color for fall” And I not only knew what then meant, I agreed.
    And that baby boy in a kilt. Oh the cuteness.

  2. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    I had my yearbook picture taken in a plaid jacket.

  3. Smalltown Me says:

    Men in kilts. Sigh. Jamie in Outlander. John Barrowman at Buckingham Palace.

  4. Jenny says:

    that little boy is adorable and I want him.
    I’m a MacLean and wear our tartan with incredible pride.

  5. Definitely men in kilts. I noticed your new banner the first day you had it up (or at least the first day I visited after you put it there). And those babies in kilts? Totally adorable.
    I am fond of tartan but do not currently own any, so I enjoy looking at your pinterest page.

  6. bdaiss says:

    I love a good tartan but admit my closet doesn’t currently contain any. I did however just find a nice bit of yardage in the massive pile of totes, bags, and boxes of fabric I hauled into my sewing room last weekend. I’m thinking holiday skirts. Or maybe a dress for the girl with a matching vest for the boy…or scarves…or…

    There’s a guy here in the area that runs a lot of races (5K, 10K, 1/2 and full marathons) all while wearing a kilt. I hope (for his sake) he doesn’t wear what’s traditional under it. ;)

  7. I love tartans! And kilts. And especially men in kilts!

    I was all about the tartans but now that I live in Florida wool is not something that really happens. Too bad.

  8. blackbird says:

    I have a hankering for a tartan shawl or scarf…

  9. Erica says:

    Love tartan. Have for ages. Black watch is my favorite.

  10. Raina Morton says:

    Love, love, LOVE tartans! My husband & his Best-Man (bro) wore kilts in our wedding!

    Nova Scotia, where I’m from, has their own tartan with the traditional meaning behind the colors/patters. It’s lovely! I bought a wool scarf in it!!

  11. Okay, that is adorable. Thank you.

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