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The girls and I watched “Pretty in Pink” last Friday. I love watching the movies of my youth with today’s youth. A few weeks ago, Pete and I decided that we needed to introduce our offspring to “Bill and Ted’s … Continue reading

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Week 7

As I finish my seventh week on the job, I had this to say on Twitter recently: Tweet

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The Reluctant Cook: Easy, Awesome White Bean Dip

Part of an occasional series about cooking for my family, even though I don’t like to cook. From time to time, I get the urge to clean out the pantry. At the very least, this involves straightening things up the … Continue reading

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Working woman

So now that I have strung out stories of our vacation for weeks and weeks after our return, how about I tell you what life has been like here at home for the past month? As I mentioned way back … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation 2015: Finishing in Scandinavia

After we left Rome, we flew back to Scandinavia. We weren’t due to fly out of Copenhagen for a few more days, so we took the opportunity to explore Norway a little. We flew into Bergen, which is the second … Continue reading

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