During my recent explorations online, I discovered that there’s a company that will mail you fall leaves from New England.

I think this is for real. I mean, there’s a website that looks official enough, so I cannot discern that this is meant as a joke.

Our foliage experts hike all around the Northeast in search for the perfect leaves. During our collection phase we sift and filter through our inventory, hand selecting only ”Grade A” foliage. 

$19.99. That’s how much it costs.

3. That’s how many leaves you will get.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things online over the years, but this one has rendered me more or less speechless.


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10 Responses to Leaves

  1. Sarah says:

    I can understand it - if you grew up in a part of the world with four distinct seasons, and then found yourself in a climate without them. I lived in England for a year, and remember how much I missed snow (and I profess to hate winter!). But snow is much better than months of cold rain, and never feeling dry. I spent Hogmanay that year with friends in Scotland, and cannot tell you how excited I was to wake up to 1/2″ of snow on New Year’s Day. But you’re right, $19.99 for 3 leaves is scandalous - how do I get in on that?

  2. Cassi says:

    For THREE leaves?!!! Wow. This makes me think that too many people are way out of touch with nature. Or maybe we should hope it’s a joke?

  3. Janet says:

    I heard about this on the local NPR station on the way to work this morning. Enterprising folks lol

  4. bdaiss says:

    Aw, you had my hopes up there for a minute. One of the things I miss the most are the gorgeous orange/red leaves (pretty much all you see here are the yellow aspen…and pine trees).

    When we were small (I might have been 10?) we missed our family trip to my aunt and uncle’s home for our fall foliage fun. So they packed up a box (3′ cubed maybe?) FULL of leaves from their yard and sent it to us. It. was. amazing. I should dig those pictures out and post them for TBT this week…

  5. That is nuts. I could mail out a box of, like, hundreds of leaves, leaves that are Genuine Western Pennsylvanian (which means Penn’s WOODS). I’ll only charge the cost of postage. If you came here in person, I would pay you to get the leaves out of my yard.

  6. Loth says:

    On that basis, looking out of my window…….I’M RICH!

  7. Some people will pay for anything… me, I’ll just look at pictures if I can’t see fall color in person. Big pictures, on a large screen, are preferred.

  8. blackbird says:

    Hey, hang on. I’ve got a couple of weeks, but for the cost of shipping, dependent on the size of the branch, my prices start at $18.50.

  9. Sheesh.
    Of course, if one were from New England and found themselves stranded and homesick in Texas or New Mexico, $19.99 might seem like a bargain.

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