Love ‘n’ romance ‘n’ stuff

Yes, yes, we all know what tomorrow is.

Personally, I don’t go in for all the Valentine’s Day stuff. Seriously, flowers and chocolates on a day when it’s expected just won’t cut it for me.

It’s the other 364 days of the year that count.

For example, I find the sound of my husband loading the dishwasher to be highly seductive.

Ditto him cleaning a bathroom or two.

Or folding laundry.

Wearing a kilt would do it for me too.

What about you? What does it for you?

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7 Responses to Love ‘n’ romance ‘n’ stuff

  1. Lisa says:

    Intelligence and a great sense of humor.
    Filling my car with gas. And washing it.

  2. Jen_A says:

    I like Valentine’s Day purely because my mom always made it about love in general, not just romantic love. It was always a day for her to show her love for her children, her parents, her friends, AND her husband. There’s little enough love in the world; I’ve always liked having a day to focus on celebrating the love we do have.

    As for what really does it for me - those rare moments when my husband does something that I secretly want him to do without my actually asking him to do it. And he cooks, every day, so that’s pretty much the cherry on top of our marriage from my perspective :)

  3. Cooking dinner and breakfast is Valentine activity done by my dh many days of the week. I was going to buy him some tulips but he beat me to it! Now I think I will make his favorite dessert. Chocolate will not be involved.

  4. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    I was just explaining this to our kids the other night.
    Last Sunday he went grocery shopping and did all the laundry. *sigh*
    Tonight, he’s coming home to a steak dinner and apple pie.

  5. Cassi says:

    Absolutely, it’s the other 364 days of the year that count! What does it for me is laughing together. We do a lot of that.

  6. Badness jones says:

    February can use a little excuse to show people we care, but for me it’s more about the kids…it wouldn’t be Valentine’s without tissue paper hearts! I’m going to make donuts for all my sweeties tomorrow, since two of them were diagnosed with celiac they haven’t had them and it makes them sad. Wish me luck!

  7. I am with you—helping me out makes me SWOON! Though I have to confess, I found a rose in my mailbox at work today and the small, sweet gesture made me quite thrilled. It was from a co-worker and it felt really good to be THOUGHT of. I guess the occasional small gift, just letting me know I’m on someone’s radar, is nicer than an obligatory kind of gift.

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