A typical junk drawer. Like that drawer we all have in our homes, you just don't know what you're going to find in this post. (Yahoo Images)

A partial list of miscellaneous items I saw yesterday while on a five mile walk that took me on sidewalks in town and a paved trail along the river, plus cutting through one parking lot:

…an underwire, obviously ripped from a bra in a fit of pique and flung to the ground, as well as possibly stomped on for good measure

… a tampon applicator, used, and for reasons I cannot fathom, dropped on a sidewalk next to a busy road

… 4,811 cigarette butts, everywhere I walked

… a scattering of poker chips

… two pink curlers

… three toys, of the kind most often flung from strollers by impatient toddlers, on three different sidewalks

… three Lego pieces, just three cubes on the ground — one red, one green, one black

… a white-haired man and a younger woman kissing and groping on a park bench with all the intensity of a pair of teenagers in the back seat of a car

… two different bags of dog excrement — leading one to wonder, “Why bother bagging them if you’re just going to drop the piles on the ground?”

… one flip flop

… one rum bottle, empty

… a box of condoms, echoing in its cavernous emptiness

None of these things were near any of the others, so I didn’t discern any connections. And I’ve been wondering about them since — what are the stories I’ll never know?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen lately?

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10 Responses to Miscellanea

  1. Aimee says:

    Now I know where to find my pink curlers.

    This is really very sad that we’re treating the world like a garbage can.

  2. Cassi says:

    It almost sounds like you guys had a recent snow-melt. Trash always piles up here in the winter, when the winds are fierce and no one wants to chase a lost paper. Then, as the snow melts, the accumulation shows up.

  3. I had a job as a gardener/landscaper when I lived in Michigan and the cigarette butts drove me absolutely crazy. I think smokers must think that they will disintegrate but THEY NEVER DO! Really, people, pick up your crap.

  4. alison says:

    I can maybe shed some light on the bagged dog poop. Invariably, when I take Rocky out for a walk he poops before he gets out of our yard, so I just throw the bagged poop in the garbage can in the garage, but if I’m with Julie, her dog usually poops along a stretch of ditch where there is no garbage can. She’ll bag it, and leave it there so as not to be carrying a fragrant baggie with us on our walk. On the way back, she picks it up and brings it back with her to deposit in my garage garbage can.

    • I have a friend that will do that, too: bag the poo, drop it off and pick it up on her way back. I just can’t bring myself to do that, though. I think it would offend our dog if I didn’t bring the filled baggie along with us. (Or maybe it’s just because I worry what someone might think?)

  5. You didn’t pick up the LEGOs?!

  6. Patience says:

    The stretch of Main St. between the bridge over the train tracks and the bus stop near the Sheer Power hair salon has been for years a place where things are left, apparently deliberately. I guess they are intended for others to take. Really random and weird stuff, like a book about meditation paired with institutional-sized jars of pickled garlic.

  7. Lori H says:

    Jen, your love of fun shoes made me think of you right away when I started reading this blog post from Design Mom!

  8. ~annie says:

    Strange is that I’ve also recently seen a tampon applicator and bagged dog poop. Could it be some kind of trend we’re spotting? alison’s comment does make sense, but the bag I spotted was most certainly permanently abandoned.
    When I walk I tend to do it in the alleys since we have very few sidewalks where I live. I’ve actually found some real treasures there! The weirdest thing I’ve come across was probably the size XL grandpa-style cotton boxer shorts and Vi*… tablet still in it’s blister pack. These were right next to each other, too.

  9. bdaiss says:

    For heavens sake, I hope you at least gave those poor lost Legos a home…
    (Answer for how they got there: small child placed them in the outer (likely mesh) pocket of their backpack. Child then reached to retrieve something and out they tumbled. Or at least I’m pretty sure that’s how half of our Legos are lost. Despite my repeated admonitions that Legos are NOT to be taken to school.)

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