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rentrée (French) - Return to work / school (most often after August vacations).

Today is probably a rough day for most folks in the U.S. Maybe even across large parts of the globe. It’s the first day of school and work after the Christmas holiday.


Here in Jenworld, we have had a lovely (and somewhat slothful) 2+ weeks off. The girls were out of school and didn’t have any homework over the break. Pete and I were off from work. We stayed up late and slept late. We loafed. We relaxed. We napped.


Today, we are back to school, back to work, and back to reality.


Yesterday, I cleaned off my desk, organized my papers, planned out my schedule for today, and created a prioritized list of things to do. I spent hours preparing for a meeting I have first thing this morning. I even laid out my clothes last night — exercise gear for when the alarm goes off before dawn and then my outfit for the meeting. If I’m not ready for today, then it’s not because I didn’t do what needed doing.


It has been great to have some time off, but now it’s time to take a deep breath and plunge into the new week, the new month, the new year.


What about you? Were you ready for today?

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11 Responses to Rentrée

  1. jen_alluisi says:

    I am also returning to work today after taking vacation for last week and half of the week before. I even had ONE WHOLE DAY during that time where the munchkin was at preschool and the husband had to work and I did nothing but wear pajamas and watch four hundred episodes of Gilmore Girls and eat whatever I wanted. That day was the Vacation Pinnacle.

    Today I go back to work. I couldn’t fall asleep last night - I don’t know why; I didn’t sleep late and only had 2 cups of coffee, both consumed before 10:00 am yesterday morning; I followed my usual work-night routine (TV, shower, reading, bed), and I’ve been checking in on my emails some so I know what’s waiting for me today and it’s not at all intimidating. I just…couldn’t fall asleep. So now I’m very tired. And we’re out of both milk and half and half - I used the last smidgen of egg nog in my coffee this morning as a tip o’ the hat to the holidays. I’ll have to wait to get to work for any more caffeine. And I have a 9:00 am meeting. Whee.

  2. Badness jones says:

    We’re back to routine after a long break as well. The boy was up before me, dressed and making himself breakfast before I’d opened my second eye and brewed coffee. The girlie on the other hand, had to be dragged snarling from her bed. It’s a bit surreal to be sitting here alone now, I’m allowing myself a quiet cup of coffee before I get back to work and reality.

  3. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    My husband only had 2 days off, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. That made the rest of the holiday weeks exactly the same, except with a tree in the dining room. I’m just happy that I don’t have to go shopping for another year!

    I purchased a storage tower and storage boxes to organize my 6 boxes and 2 bags of papercrafting supplies. I’m ready for 2015 craftiness!

  4. Cassi says:

    For some reason, Emma set her alarm for 6 am (we don’t need to leave the house until 7:45 am). When I finally got up at 6:45 she had fallen back to sleep, of course. But we made it to school on time, and now I’m back home, on my first cup of coffee. I’d really like to get the Christmas stuff down today. Although I’d really like it if someone else did it. :-) I’m not ready for classes to begin in a week -I have a lot of work to do!

  5. Patience says:

    Is it that common for people other than teachers and students to have time off over the holidays? I worked through the holiday, as I always have had to do, so today is just another Monday for me. My college kids don’t go back yet, and I’m assuming my son who is in high school got up in time and is at school. I leave long before he gets up.

  6. erin says:

    Re-entry has definitely been a little rough. I had a week and a half off, and not to overstate, but it. was. glorious. Every moment. I watched all three seasons of The Newsroom, season 1 of Downton Abbey (my new obsession!), and half of season 1 of Northern Exposure.

    Reality started setting in yesterday and I did some prep for today: laundry, ironing, made my lunch, showered. Even made muffins and hardboiled eggs for this morning so I’d have a quick grab-and-go breakfast. And then I lay in bed last night until 3:30ish — wide awake thanks to my vacation schedule of staying up late and sleeping in, combined with the anxiety of possibly oversleeping on the first day back after vacation. Got up a little after 6. That nap is only going to hold me over for so long, so I’m trying to crank out as much as possible this morning because I know when I hit the wall early this afternoon it just isn’t going to be pleasant.

  7. Smalltown Me says:

    I am enjoying some alone time right now. I haven’t been alone in 2 weeks. Constant companionship wears me out.

  8. I’ve been a sloth for the past 10 days,minus a day or two of work. I’m glad I set my alarm for 6:45am. By the time I was fully present, it was 7am and the high school freshman had not yet woken for his 7:17am departure. He hustled and made it out the door but only because I was awake to help.
    Now if I can just get motivated to take the ornaments off the tree and put away, I’m sure that would kick-start me into more progress.

  9. bdaiss says:

    I am/was so not ready for today. And neither were my kids. I took vacations the full two weeks my kids were out of school. 16 days of family time. (Well, even if it was just the 3 of us for a lot of it.) We didn’t kill each other. We even, I’d say, had a lot of fun. My to do list is still lengthy. I could seriously use at least another 2 weeks off and I bet I still wouldn’t get everything done I’d like. Can I retire at 40?

  10. I was SO ready for today. (Even though I don’t have kids.) I made a list and checked off item by item. Then life happened…car broke down on the way to orchestra rehearsal, flute malfunctioning, garage door broken upon return home. Look up and definitely see a full (or close enough) moon. I need a do over!

  11. blackbird says:

    Gosh, I’ve been off for what seems like forever. But I was sick the whole time. The whole time! Still, I was pleased to wear real clothes and go back…and then I realized everyone in my office is sick!

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