Kicks Like a Girl

It’s giveaway time!

Two years ago, I was delighted to give away a book written by my dear friend, Green Girl in Wisconsin. Guess what, folks? I get to do it again!

That’s right, Melissa has come out with a new book: Kicks Like a Girl. Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

Gretchen Benton is the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding when she gets drunk, says exactly the wrong thing and feels alone in the midst of all the couples. She can’t avoid weddings—she’s a florist. She also can’t avoid the thugs who break into her shop and assault her the following night. To combat her fear after her attack, Gretchen enrolls in karate classes at a local dojo. Soon she’s caught between her handsome martial arts instructor and the cute cop assigned to her case. As she begins mastering the basics of karate (while sweating enough to make her mascara run), Gretchen learns that kicking like a girl doesn’t imply weakness, it means striking hard and striking with style.

I’ve ordered my copy and am looking forward to reading it this coming weekend. I’ve also ordered a copy for one of you too. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. You can say anything you want — tell me what you’re reading now, tell me if you read Melissa’s blog or have read her earlier book, or just say hi. One comment per person, please. I’ll take entries until 9 p.m. ET on Friday, then will randomly draw a winner.

Good luck!

Updated to add: Comments are now closed for this giveaway. The winner is Skywalker! Thank you to everyone who participated.
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18 Responses to Kicks Like a Girl

  1. Mary Sproles Martin says:

    Hey Jen! I’ve just finished Mollie Cox Bryan’s third in her series (Death of an Irish Diva). I love books with connections to folks I know and with said recommendations. This looks like a quick, fun read, which I need.

  2. amy says:

    I’m always looking for a new book.

  3. badness jones says:

    I’d love a new read!

  4. Andrea says:

    I, too, am always looking for a new read. This one sounds fun!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Jen! I’m reading gardening magazines & a junk romance book. A Woman’s Heart by JoAnn Ross. It has made me add Ireland to my bucket list of places to go to! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  6. christine says:

    I read every post Green Girl publishes. And I read her first book. I’m looking forward to reading this one, too!

  7. Debby says:

    You can never have too many books, or lipsticks.

  8. jacqueline says:

    She is new to me! Right now I am reading The Odd Egg, by Emily Gravett to my class, The sleeping army by Francesca Simon with my 8 year old and glamorous powers by Susan Howatch myself.

  9. Becky says:

    I’ve been on a young adult kick, trying to keep up with what the girl is reading. There are some great YA books out there right now!

  10. Laurie says:

    I am currently reading the second book in the Outlander series. I can’t believe I have just only recently heard of these! I love them! I figure I’m good to go with books for a while with these!!! Tee hee! Did you read all of them? I noticed on goodreads you have read these two.

  11. Please don’t enter me, because I’m doing the same giveaway! My copy should be here within a few days so I am hurriedly finishing Five Days at Memorial for the Derfwad book discussion on Sunday night. That one is a riveting read but oh-so-heavy on my heart. I am really looking forward to Melissa’s book as the perfect antidote.

  12. bdaiss says:

    Ooooo! So happy for Green Girl! Congratulations! (And thanks for the chance Jen!) (Wow that’s a lot of exclamations…)

  13. Skywalker says:

    Count me in!!! I’m reading Rebecca cause I need a little more simplicity.

  14. Sue Treiber says:

    I’m In! I would love to read this!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Me me me. Please. :)

  16. the "other" Alison in Ottawa says:

    I’m reading “The Unlikely Pilhramage of Harold Fry”. Always looking for a good read…

  17. Jane says:

    I loved her first book! I’m currently reading the Her Royal Spyness series.

  18. Count me in. Although I’m happy to go get my own copy too!