Winter Break 2013: Munich

Haute couture dirndls and wee lederhosen.

When I last blogged, we had just arrived in Munich. You might not know this, but Munich is actually quite close to Füssen — they are about two hours apart, so Neuschwanstein is considered an easy day trip from this city. Given our experience with lines at Neuschwanstein, I am quite glad that we made the decision to make the two areas two different destinations on our travels, because that would have been a very long day indeed.

Anyway, it’s Saturday evening now, and we have been in Munich for about 48 hours. Our flat is in a great location, so we have once again done a lot of walking — more than 12 miles in two days.

On Friday, we walked into the Altstadt (old town):

Marienplatz, with New City Hall on the left and Old City Hall in the distance.

A mail bike.

At Hofbräuhaus am Platzl -- Munich's most famous beer hall.

We walked and walked and walked. Toward the end of the afternoon, we did fortify ourselves with chocolate. But of course.

Today we went the other direction and visited Olympiapark, which was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The view from the top of a large hill constructed from WWII rubble.

Looking back toward downtown, with the Alps to the south.

After that, we walked to BMW Welt, which is next to Olympiapark.

I thought this 530d with black exterior and sweet butterscotch leather interior looked fabulous on me ... until Pete quietly told me how much it retails for. (A lot.) I got out with alacrity.

BMW also owns Mini Cooper. Here's Grace imagining what life will be like after she gets her driver's license later this year. (Not pictured: Me slightly spazzing over the thought of my daughter driving.)

 As we left, I snapped this photo of Olympiapark:

Then, on our walk home, we came across this random sign on a building:

Well, okay then.

In the morning, we leave Munich and head off for our final adventure before our trip is over. I’m not sure if we’ll have wifi where we are staying, so it might be Monday or possibly Tuesday before I update here again.

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6 Responses to Winter Break 2013: Munich

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh please please please tell me that Ellie and Grace are rocking some awesome German haute couture. PLEASE!!!! Also, darling what is 50k when it comes to a beautiful car like that! Once again loving hearing about the adventures you’re having! Remind me to tell you the story of how my mom and grandmother made getting my drivers license an odyssey. I think I was 17 before it was a done deal….it might buy you a bit of time!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ooops I forgot….HOLY BEER!!!!

  3. It’s good to see that Munich is well-guarded. And the size of that beer, whoa, baby!

  4. Lori H says:

    When Sarah tells you how her getting her license was an odyssey, please share. Both of my kids are driving but that sounds too interesting to pass up!
    Love all your trip reporting.

  5. I’m reading a book that takes place in Germany RIGHT NOW. And I’m thinking of you and wondering what you saw-these pictures make me feel pleased.

  6. It all sounds so fun-and Grace looks quite at home behind the wheel.

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