Holiday Homes Tour 2013

Today’s the day, my holiday peeps! It’s the 6th annual Holiday Homes  Tour!

Are you ready to go visit some houses? I’ve seen nearly everyone’s decorations, and now my holiday spirit is bubbling over. I think you’re going to feel the same way.

So, grab a coffee, crack your knuckles, and let’s do this!

  • Me, your host, Jen on the Edge
  • Anc Fam - Zandra calls her style “Christmas Explosion.”
  • Deep Thoughts of a Common Household Mom - She says their style is minimalist and homespun.
  • Fatuous Observations - Patience says they went forfull-on sparkle this year. When you see her front porch, you’ll understand that she was not kidding about the sparkle.
  • Green Girl in Wisconsin - Melissa says things are RED at Chez Green Girl this year.
  • I’m Mrs. Brightside - Susan always has colorful and creative decorations, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does this year.
  • Keep Calm and Carry on Cooking - Go see Christmas in New Zealand.
  • Kim - Kim is always making, always creating, and you’ll see some of this in her home this year.
  • Molly Fulton - Molly has a deft touch with adding Christmas cheer all over her house. So many lovely things to look at.
  • Small Town Me - There’s just so much awesome that I can’t even describe it. Just go and look and try not to be filled with envy.
  • Spokalulu - I suspected that my friend Karen would be creative with her tour, and I was right.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Thank you also to all you who are visiting.

Have a great weekend!

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8 Responses to Holiday Homes Tour 2013

  1. Patience says:

    Fun! I can’t wait to look at these!

  2. Becky says:

    How festive! Life has had us so busy, we’ve not had time to decorate yet this year - this weekend, though, we are going to get cracking. Maybe I’ll get ideas from the tour!

  3. I loved seeing everyone’s decorations. Thank you for hosting this tour!

  4. Smalltown Me says:

    I can’t wait to visit everyone.

  5. Molly Fulton says:

    Such a lovely way to spend my lunch, visiting all these homes! Thanks for organizing this tour once again.

  6. I took a look at the Museum of Natural History’s origami tree - it’s incredible! Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  7. Thank you for hosting this tour, Jen. I enjoy it each year. After visiting everyone, I feel like doing some baking (all those lovely cookies!) and buying a silver tinsel tree.

  8. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    Thanks for organizing this again. I only did my tree this year…it’s been a rough year, but I really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s decorations!

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