Posted by: Jennifer | Friday, July 10, 2009

Chocomania: World Market, purveyor of fine chocolates

I don’t know if you have a World Market in your town, but I do and almost from the first day the doors opened, it became my favorite store. Pretty much the main reason my girls and I go to World Market is to stock up on chocolate.  The store has a nice gourmet foods section, the bulk of which is devoted to chocolate.  Well, maybe it’s not that much of the square footage, but when I walk in there, everything else goes unnoticed; in fact, it wasn’t until recently that I realized that World Market sells beer and wine.

World Market carries our favorite British chocolates (a.k.a. Cadbury’s), as well as a variety of  gourmet and/or organic chocolates, including chocolate + marzipan, bacon chocolate, and so much more.  If you ever want to drop a lot of moolah with hardly any effort, grab your cloth grocery bag and head to World Market to stock up.

They also have store brand chocolates that I’ve made a point to research.  Did it for y’all.

World Market sells a variety of chocolate bars — plain milk (45% cacao), three kinds of dark (72%, 82%, and 99% cacao), and dark with seat salt (YUM!).  All are priced at around $1.99 each and I usually get around 3-4 servings from a bar.  I personally think the milk chocolate is a tiny bit too sweet, but that’s just my preference.

They have a a dark with toffee caramel that I didn’t particularly care for because the toffee caramel had an odd taste too it.  Very sweet, but with a hint of some sort of fake flavoring.

There’s also a dark chocolate with chipotle chili, but I haven’t eaten it yet.  (It’s in my pantry and I’ll include it in a future post on chocolate + spicy.)

I wish World Market offered chocolate bars that included caramel, mint, and nuts.  (Not all in the same bar, of course.)

World market also sells Rainbow Nonpareils, which are far too sweet and had an odd chemical taste.  Since they use bittersweet chocolate, I think it’s the sprinkles they use that are the problem.  I would love it if they would offer a regular nonpareils, as I think they have the potential to be quite good.

One of the best things World Market offers is chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels that come in either milk or dark chocolate.  Mmmmmm.  Both are excellent, so it really depends on what kind of chocolate you prefer.

For those of you who don’t have a World Market in your town, I’m really sorry.  Luckily, I’ve found another chain store that offers an excellent house brand, which I will talk about in detail next week.

Jen is not employed by World Market, nor was she paid to do this review.


  1. once again, I’m cursing the closing of our world market.

  2. We don’t have a World Market (pouts) here, but we frequently visit when we’re in Denver. I’ve never checked out their chocolate. We usually hit the wine selections! They’ve got some great wines at fantastic prices. Stuff we can’t get up here for less than $15-$20 a bottle we can get there for about half that. I guess next time I’m going to need to spend more time in the chocolate section!

  3. Jen, I must salute you for the way you go above and beyond to gather information for your faithful readers. Jenny

  4. chocolate with chipotle?? Sounds scary; let us know.

  5. no world market for us. i’ve always wondered about the chocolate with chipotle. can’t wait to hear about it.

  6. Thought you might be interested:
    - Not so much in the zoo stuff, but the Cadbury info. I hadn’t heard about this until now…

  7. I just spent a lot of $$ at World Market on chocolate. They were having a sale and I was on a mission to get 50 oz of chocolate for a friend’s 50th birthday. As long as I was there, why not get chocolate for me, too? I LOVE the sea salt chocolate. I can’t wait to try the cappuccino chocolate spread.

    And until we discovered that WM had peanut-butter stuffed pretzels (I have counted those as supper before), my husband had a standing request to grab me a bagful of them from his company’s Boston office every time he went on a trip there.

    I had high hopes for the choc-covered PB stuffed pretzels, but there is (dare I say it?) too much chocolate for the amount of pretzel and PB.

  8. I think we have one, but I’ve never been and couldn’t tell you where it is. Dark with sea salt is SO good!